Discover Gemona and its surroundings

Gemona del Friuli

A child-friendly path

Ospedaletto is an ancient village of Gemona located in a strategic position: along Pontebbana state road, which leads to the Alps regions, and crossed by Alpe Adria bike lane. An annular path that starts from Cocconi Mill, runs alongside Minisini Lake, crosses town, overlooks Tagliamento River near the intake works of an irrigation consortium, reaches a pleasant and well-equipped stopping point in via Brancot and returns to Borgo Molino along a road bordered by ancient crenellated walls. Some didactic panels are located at strategic points along the route, created by the students of Ospedaletto primary school. They entertain visitors by illustrating the naturalistic and historical aspects of the territory.

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Hills called mountains

Mount Cumieli (571 m) and some minor reliefs such as Ercole and Palombâr mounts, which have always been used as sighting and control points on the traffic that took place in the plain below, preserve the remains and traces of ancient fortresses that have marked the history (and prehistory) of Gemona. The geological significance of the area is remarkable, as attested by the rocky stratifications that can be observed along the military road built at the beginning of the twentieth century on the western side of Mount Cumieli. The path, which can be walked in all seasons, reaches Sant’Agnese Pass, from which you can descend towards Gemona or Venzone.

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