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Due to its geographical position, Gemonese has always been a land of passage. Since ancient times, the roads that passed through this territory led the Mediterranean populations to the northern lands rich in woods and minerals and for the peoples of the “Noricum” it was an access route to the sea. Domains, conflicts, struggles for the possession of the lands have marked the centuries and left traces on the territory: castles, trenches and forts, walls and embankments to defend the population or cultivate the steepest areas of the mountains and signal their ownership.

In Artegna, archaeological finds are exhibited which illustrate the territory history from Roman times to the early Middle Ages; in Majano, Hospitale di San Giovanni allows its visitors to immerse themselves in the life of the XII century; in Osoppo, remains of the war events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries can be found on the “Forte”; in Gemona, the LAB Terremoto offers a tour itinerary to learn about the 1976 earthquake and the methods of reconstruction of monuments and houses in the city.

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