Events & Activities

Gemona del Friuli

“Hands in the dough”

Cocconi Mill, now Museum of milling art along the ancient Roggia Plovia in Ospedaletto, is not only s preserved piece of Gemona history but also a place where you can experiment with your culinary skills. Laboratories to discover the secrets of the baking art are offered, such as making bread with sourdough, prepare Pan di sorc (traditional corn bread), turn the bread into gnocchi and many more.

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An evening in the Castle

Savorgnan Castle and the San Martino Hill on which it stands offer visitors and tourists endless possibilities for recreation. The halls of the manor, restored after the 1976 earthquake, host an exhibition about the Lombard castrum; a path twists and turns through the excavations of the archaeological area located on the hill; a panoramic terrace guarantees a breath-taking view of the plain below. In the castle tower intimate dinners can be organized, as it was back in the time of the Savorgnans.

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Bird songs

Roccoli are rounded groves, formerly used to catch birds and today rediscovered as elements of landscape qualification. In the Municipality of Montenars some of them have been preserved to the present day. Built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to fill food shortages due to difficult living conditions, they were used until the end of the past century. After the nets hunt ended, these ancient bird hunting sites were converted to other naturalistic, didactic and cultural functions.

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Fishing in water springs

Ledra River is a tributary stream of Tagliamento, characterized by high biodiversity and remarkable naturalistic and landscape values. Here you are invited to dive into the river, along its banks, sheltered by the vegetation and with your feet in pleasantly cool water. Accompanied by a special guide who knows every hidden spot, you can experiment with the fishing technique called no-kill, which means that the caught trouts are quickly freed.

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Majano – Buja – Artegna – Gemona – Venzone

The ancient devotional path

The path winds along trails and cart tracks, connecting spiritual places such as the Hospitale di San Tomaso, where pilgrims stopped along their journey on the ancient Via di Allemagna; the Marian sanctuaries of Comerzo, Madonna and Gemona, destinations of faithful people who was searching for grace; the little church of Sant’Agnese, what remains of an ancient hermitage guarding a small pass between Gemona and Venzone. The path crosses the territory of Gemona from south to north, highlighting its historical, naturalistic and landscape features.

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