Slow Food without borders

Partners: Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria Kärnten | Ecomuseo delle Acque del Gemonese

The Project aims to promote cooperation between the producers of Gail and Lesach valleys (Austria) and the producers of the Gemona area (Italy).

Starting from the experience gained in Carinthia with the Slow Food Travel project and in Italy with the Gemona Food Community, good practices and activities are shared to push forward and integrate existing programs. The idea is to create and promote seasonal markets that are part of the Slow Food philosophy. At these markets producers, processors, gastronomes and cooks from Carinthia and Gemonese meet and have the opportunity to exchange experiences and products, and by doing so build a cross-border network within the HEurOpen area (CLLD).

In the Carinthia region, the Slow Food market “Terra Madre Sankt Daniel” is created, while in Friuli the Gemona “Farmers Market” is consolidated.

Goal of the project is to enhance quality production by promoting the sale of products and at the same time increase presences and overnight stays in the territories where the markets are held, favoring visits to local producers and facilitating training experiences.