Emilio’s wines

Emilio’s wines

This family-run business combines technological innovations in the wine field with the enhancement of the territory: located deep in the countryside, it has a modern cellar, a sales point, a large tasting room with an ethnographic collection and offers an agritourism accommodation for those wishing to stay overnight. When he began his adventure as a winemaker, Emilio Bulfon bet on ancient autochthonous varieties whose cultivation was being lost. Field research, experimentation in the cellar, discussions with experts who helped him classify his vines made him a pioneer of a recovery activity that has been awarded several times and which today allows his business to be the only one in the region which can tell you the story of Friuli through wine.

I vini di Emilio Bulfon SSA
Via Roma, 4 | 33094 Valeriano | Italy
Tel +39 0432 950061
Fax +39 0432 950921

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