Campolessi Cheese Presidia

Campolessi Cheese Presidia

In Gemona del Friuli there is one of the last turning dairies of Friuli, probably the oldest still in activity having been founded in 1908 by 120 members. The new building was inaugurated in 1962 and underwent renovation and adaptation work a few years ago which made it more functional and compliant with European standards. There are currently 17 members, residing in Gemona and the surrounding municipalities. The dairy processes approximately 20 quintals of cow’s milk per day, coming from numerous small-sized stables (2-5 cows) and a few medium-sized farms (a few dozen animals). The cheese produced is made from raw milk, obtained with self-produced starter culture and natural rennet without the use of pre-packaged cultures. On the farms, the cows are fed exclusively with grass, fodder and GMO-free cereal flours grown on the farm. No silage or foods foreign to the animals’ natural diet are used, following a rigorous and historic protocol.

Latteria Sociale Turnaria di Campolessi
Via San Marco 7, Campolessi | 33013 Gemona del Friuli | Italy
Tel. +39 0432 1260671

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