Traditional Cooking

In Gemonese

Frico with Strisules

Strisules are the scraps of freshly curdled cheese, put into shape and pressed. They are sweet, salt-free and taste like milk. Cut into small pieces and put in a pan, they form a melted cheese omelette, frico, which goes well with a portion of soft polenta and a good glass of wine, possibly cjanorie, an old local grape variety. Strisules can be purchased directly from the Campolessi dairy shop, the polenta flour at Cocconi Mill and the wine at Bulfon Winery in Valeriano. Products can be ordered online by writing to

Pan di sorc gnocchi

In this region, gnocchi are called macarons and they were often Sunday lunch main dish. They varied with the seasons: potatoes, polenta, bread, simple flour, everything could turn into macarons. They were also enriched with ricotta, wild herbs, fruit, mushrooms, becoming a unique and tasty dish, with the addition of a rich seasoning. To prepare and taste this recipe you must book a visit to Cocconi Mill, asking to participate in a cooking workshop; to purchase the essential raw ingredients for the recipe write to

Olive oil from Gemona

In Gemona you have the opportunity to taste an excellent extra virgin olive oil, one among the most awarded in Italy. You can taste it directly from the pressing room of the Fachin farm. Fernanda, organic producer, decided twenty years ago to experiment with the cultivation of olive trees in an area where in winter the cold, if on one hand can damage the plants, on the other hand favors the production of very high quality olives that give beneficial polyphenols to the oil. Today in Gemona, ancient local varieties of olive trees are grown, with a consequent wide range of oil productions. To book a visit with tasting, write to

In Gailtal and Lesachtal


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