Local Handicraft

In Gemonese

Marisa’s pottery

“Vasari” art workshop of Marisa Plos produces wonderful pottery objects. The shop in via Cavour in Gemona is full of all the equipment and materials necessary to carry out her activity. Vases and plates, wall panels, low reliefs, sculptures, paintings and masks are made here, from informal art to sacred art. A part of the production concerns commissioned work, to which works of personal creation are added, made for art exhibitions, which constitute the authentic expressive form of Marisa, who knows how to express her artistic character at its best.

via Cavour 7 | Centro storico
33013 Gemona del Friuli
+39 0432 970910 / 338 3777281 | marisaplos@libero.it

Traditional baskets

A group of basket-makers from the Gemona area is now a consolidated reality which creates objects of all kinds starting from natural raw materials, also thanks to the courses promoted by Ecomuseo delle Acque. Branches of willows, hazelnuts, privets and vitalba magically turn into everyday objects, such as baskets and of all shapes and functions that are also valuable works of art, by passing through the skilled hands of craftsmen such as Antonino, Fabrizio and Pierino. For purchases contact +39 331 1694015 | pandisorc@tiscali.it; to participate in a course to learn the art of weaving, write to info@ecomuseodelleacque.it.

In Gailtal and Lesachtal


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